Delphi 3

This was a UK BUG MasterClass held on 2nd April, 1997 in Hammersmith, England.

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What's new in Delphi 3, for Delphi 2 users? This seminar looks at all the new features in this version, that many users consider the most resilient 32-bit version so far.

IDE Enhancements

New/Updated Components

What's new on the component palette? All is revealed in this section.


Ultra-small EXEs via VCL-in-a-DLL. Are packages a virtue or a sin?

Code Insight

Some fine time-saving productivity features designed to stop you help-surfing and spending all night in the menu system:

Business Insight

This encompasses all the new database functionality. We will look at:

Active Insight

The support for writing ActiveX and Internet related projects is overwhelming. Here we see: