Borland Delphi 7 Application Development

This is typically a five day course, although can be reduced to only the required topics. The content of the course manual is shown below.

If you are interested in having this course delivered at your company, please contact Brian Long.

Delphi 7 Application Development Course Content

Delphi Overview

Versions Of Delphi

Delphi Database Access

The Borland Database Engine (BDE)
InterBase Express (IBX)

The Environment

The Form Designer
The Object Inspector
The Code Editor
Customising The Environment

Dragging And Docking

Useful Shortcut Keystrokes

General UI Keystrokes
Form Designer Keystrokes
Object Inspector Keystrokes
Editor Keystrokes

Building A User Interface



Making Event Handlers

Naming Conventions

Setting Up The UI

Setting Up The Code

Online Help

Testing The Program


Exceptions - Don't Panic

Where To Find Help

Types, Constants And Variables

Simple Types

Constants And Variables

More Complex Types

Structure Of A Delphi Program

The Project File (.DPR)

Pascal Unit (.PAS)

Moving Projects To Other Locations

Files Generated By A Delphi Project

The Structure Of A Delphi Unit


Procedures And Functions

Overloaded Subroutines

Default Parameter Values

Parameter Passing Conventions

IDE Facilities

Project Desktops

Global Desktops

Component Templates


To Do Lists

Database Access With The BDE or ADO

Tables, Data Sources And Data-Aware Controls

Connecting To SQL Databases

Master-Detail Relationships

Programming With TTable Components

Field Access

Searching For Data

Bookmarks And Scanning Records

Calculated Fields

Parameterised SQL

Nested Queries

Database Connections and Transactions

Exception Handling

What The Debugger Does By Default

What Are Exceptions?

Looking For An Exception To Handle

Trapping Exceptions With try/except Statements

Differentiating Between Exceptions
Chaining Back To The Old Exception Handler

Raising Exceptions

Dataset Validation Through Exceptions
Creating Custom Exception Types
Silent Exceptions

Disabling The IDE's Interest In Exceptions

Application Level Exception Handling


Trapping Specific BDE Errors

Resource Protection

Exceptions And Resource Leaks

try/finally Statements

The Delegation Model

The Sender Parameter Of Many Event Handlers

Typecasting (Safe and Unsafe)

The Tag Property

Dynamic Object Creation

Creating Component Objects

Component Ownership
Locating A Component's Implementation Unit
Displaying Visual Components
Setting Up Event Handlers
Events Are Properties
Explicitly Destroying Objects And Components
Component Names
Object Creation Summary

Creating Non-Component Objects

Accessing INI Files With TIniFile
Accessing The Win32 Registry With TRegIniFile

Object Oriented Programming Concepts




Compiler Specifics

Putting It Into Practice

Data Hiding

Private Members Of A Class
Protected Members Of A Class
Public Members Of A Class
Published Members Of A Class

Defining Classes

Code Templates
Abstract Methods
Class Completion
Module Navigation
Implementing Inherited Classes
Instigating Polymorphism
What Polymorphism Means To The Compiler
Building A Test Harness For The Objects
Constructors And Destructors

Using Delphi's Debugger


Breakpoints With Conditions And Pass Counts

Watch Expressions

Tooltip Expression Evaluation

Debug Inspectors

What If? Scenarios

Program Execution

Call Stack

And Finally...