Using C# to Develop for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Brian Long Consultancy & Training Services Ltd.
March 2011

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Technical Resources

The MonoTouch API Reference is at (towards the bottom of the hierarchy on the left of the page). Tutorials (C# biased) can be found at, How-To documents at and other articles at

The iOS Reference Library is at

Apple's Human Interface Guidelines tell you all about what is and what is not acceptable in an iOS application.

A recommended book is Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch and .NET/C# by Wallace B. McClure, Rory Blyth, Craig Dunn, Chris Hardy, Martin Bowling.


SQLite SQL syntax is documented at


This article has shown how Mono and MonoTouch facilitate utilization of existing C# .NET programming knowledge to start building applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in a very capable manner. The MonoTouch SDK provides a convenient means of starting to write iPhone apps without having to learn an entirely new programming language.

Of course, an understanding of CocoaTouch (or at least CocoaTouch.Net) needs to be built up in order to do the job well, but working with a language you are familiar with helps ease the transition to a new UI framework.

Business logic can potentially be reused in applications running on iOS if partitioned sensibly, but clearly an entirely different UI needs to be developed for this type of application.


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About the author

Brian Long has spent the last 1.5 decades as a trainer, trouble-shooter and mentor focusing on the Delphi, C# and C++ languages, and the Win32, .NET and Mono platforms, recently adding iOS and Android onto the list. In his spare time, when not exploring the Chiltern Hills on his mountain-bike or pounding the pavement in his running shoes, Brian has been re-discovering and re-enjoying the idiosyncrasies and peccadilloes of Unix-based operating systems. Besides writing a Pascal problem-solving book in the mid-90s he has contributed chapters to several books, written countless magazine articles, spoken at many international developer conferences and acted as occasional Technical Editor for Sybex. Brian has a number of online articles that can be found at and a blog at

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